Goals and Focus Points as District Attorney:

  • Declare a war on drugs

      - expand and reorganize the drug 

       task force

      - maintain and promote open lines

      of communication amongst local &

      state police      

      - attend police chief's meetings &

      educational seminars   

      - reduce plea bargains to drug


      - stress the importance and

      passage of Senate Bill 1180 to local


  • Strive to reduce/eliminate blight

      - implement and expand blight

      task forces throughout the county

      - develop a blight reporting 

      process to the appropriate officials

      - acknowledge that blight breeds  

      drug crimes  

  • Seek to protect the elderly

      - offer seminars and educational

      materials on scams that target

      the elderly  

      - encourage senior citizens to

      report mental and physical abuse

      - implement an elder abuse

      reporting form and hotline 

      - promote legislation that favors

      the rights of our elders

  • Assist community Crime Watch


      - attend community meetings

      throughout the county

      - sponsor training programs to

      assist Crime Watch leaders

      to further educate their members

  • Implement an illegal immigration 

        task force

      - increase reporting to federal law 

      enforcement authorities