Office of the District Attorney of Schuylkill County


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Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP)

The guidelines for the Schuylkill County Intermediate Punishment Program, often referred to as IPP, are the collaborative effort of the Adult Probation Department and the President Judge. By allowing eligible defendants to choose this program as part of their sentencing, it significantly aids in reducing prison overcrowding. Rather than serving a straight prison sentence, the defendant would serve a combination sentence of reduced incarceration time followed by electronic monitoring or house arrest. Once the electronic monitoring portion of the sentence is completed, the defendant is then placed on strict supervision followed by probation for the remainder of the sentence. This program is also a more economical way to protect society, as the majority of the program's cost  falls upon the defendant.


A person who is convicted of an offense who does not demonstrate a present or past pattern of violent behavior and would otherwise be sentenced to partial or total confinement in a county correctional facility. If charged with a DUI, the mandatory minimum sentence can be no more than 90 days in length. The defendant must reside in Schuylkill County or in a county that is equipped and willing to accept the transfer of our supervision. Prior to entering a Guilty Plea, the defendant must also meet with a representative of the Adult Probation Department to determine whether his/her residence meets the restrictions/requirements of the program. Finally, as always, the defendant must be fingerprinted and if required, complete the CRN evaluation with a full Drug & Alcohol Assessment, prior to entering a Guilty Plea for IPP.



Out-of-state defendants cannot be considered for IPP, as well as any person who has been registered as a Sexual Offender or who has been charged or convicted of any of the following crimes within the past 10 years:

1.  Murder                                                                                                                              9.  Arson

2.  Voluntary Manslaughter                                                                                             10.  Extortion accompanied by threats of violence

3.  Rape                                                                                                                                 11.  Assault by a Prisoner

4.  Statutory Rape                                                                                                               12.  Assault by a Life Prisoner

5.  Aggravated Assault                                                                                                       13.  Kidnapping

6.  Robbery                                                                                                                          14.  Aggravated Indecent Assault

7.  Burglary of the first degree                                                                                         15.  Escape

8.  Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse                                                                 16.  Drug Trafficking, as provided in 18 Pa.C.S.§6314 or 18 Pa.C.S. §7508

** If the District Attorney's Office indicates that the defendant is eligible for IPP, it is not required that the defendant enter the program. Regardless of the District Attorney's Office or the Adult Probation  Department deeming a defendant eligible for the program, it is solely the discretion of the sentencing Judge that determines whether or not the defendant may enter the program.