Office of the District Attorney of Schuylkill County


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Public Safety Initiatives

The District Attorney's Office promotes programs geared towards public safety and encourages the citizens of Schuylkill County to consider using one or more of the following programs if and when necessary:

Schuylkill County Crime Stoppers:

Far too often crimes go unreported or unsolved much to the chagrin of the victims and their families. Schuylkill County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information pertaining to any unsolved crime within the county. Please call Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-877-TIPS4SC (1-877-847-7472). All information received will remain confidential.

SaferRide Mobile App:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released an app that may help keep drunk drivers off the roads. This app allows users to call for taxis or a friend, while identifying their location to help them get picked up safely. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. For more information on this app, please visit NHTSA's website.

The Yellow DOT Program:

This program is maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and was developed to assist you in receiving immediate and proper care following a traffic accident when you or your loved ones are unable to communicate your needs or information to first responders. By simply placing the yellow DOT sticker on the back of your windshield, emergency personnel know to check your glove compartment for vital information that can aid in saving your life. For more information and to order FREE materials, you may visit or contact Kyla Snyder in the District Attorney's Office.

Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking:

Underage drinking contributes to the leading cause of death by people under the age of 21. It also places other members of the public at risk for assault, impaired driving, vandalism, etc. To anonymously report an underage drinking party or an establishment selling alcohol to minors, you may call 1-888-UNDER-21 (1-888-863-3721).

General information involving Mandatory License Suspensions instituted by PennDOT can be found here.