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Safe Seniors

Elder abuse is estimated to affect 5 million Americans each year. The direct medical costs associated with violent injuries to elders are estimated to add more than $5.3 billion to the nation's annual health expenditure. Research suggests that one out of every 10 people 60 and older who live at home suffers abuse, neglect or exploitation.  Only one in 24 cases of elder abuse is reported to authorities.


Tragically, elder abuse is also deadly. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, victims of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation have 3 times the risk of dying prematurely. PA currently ranks fourth in the nation in percentage of people 60 and older. As of the 2010 census, nearly 2.7 million Pennsylvanians were over 60 and that number is projected to continue to increase to 3.3.million by 2020.


Now is the time to put in place solutions which will allow older Pennsylvanians to age without worries that they will be abused or that their money will be stolen. Together we must learn the signs that indicate elder abuse and take steps to prevent it!





  • lack of basic hygiene, adequate food, or clean and appropriate clothing
  • lack of medical aids (glasses, walker, dentures, hearing aid, medications)
  • a person with dementia left unsupervised
  • a person confined to a bed without care
  • home is cluttered or filthy
  • home is without adequate facilities (stove, refrigerator, heat, water, etc.)
  • a person has untreated pressure "bed' sores



  • lack of amenities the person could afford
  • voluntarily giving uncharacteristically excessive financial reimbursements/gifts for needed care and companionship
  • the caregiver has control of elder's money, but is failing to provide for elder's needs
  • elder has signed property transfers, but is unable to comprehend the transaction or what it means
  • a new acquaintance becomes the Power of Attorney and abrupt changes  in a will are made, such as making the POA the beneficiary
  • contractors are seen leaving an elder's residence when little to no repairs are done or necessary



  • unexplained or uncharacteristic changes in behavior, such as withdrawal from normal activities or unexplained changes in alertness
  • the caregiver isolates the elder
  • the caregiver is verbally aggressive or demeaning, controlling, or overly concerned about spending money



  • unexplained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores or burns
  • unexplained sexually transmitted diseases


The Schuylkill County Office of Senior Services can help:

110 E. Laurel Blvd, Pottsville PA 17901





You may also contact the Schuylkill County District Attorney's Office by calling (570) 628-1350.


For further assistance, you may also call the Senior Helpline:  1-866-623-2137